Zino Davidoff

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1906: Zino Davidoff's birth in Kiev, Ukraine.

1911: Departure of Russia for Geneva and opening of the store of tobacco by his father, Henri Davidoff. This store will become the European Mecca for cigars.

1925: Zino leaves school to deepen his tobacco knowledge, specially in Argentina, in Brazil and in Cuba. It is however in Cuba that he considered conditions convenient to the creation of the perfect cigar. During these years of learning, the young Zino observed all the production line of the cigar, from the plantation to the factory.

1930: Invention of the cigar box that he calls "humidor ".
The cigar is so stored in the good conditions of temperature and humidity, those who are close to Cuba. After his return from Cuba, Zino Davidoff got involved in his father's shop. His concept of cigar box became a success, but the store of 2, rue de la Rive in Geneva remained large-scale local.
During the Second World War, Cubans had their stock of cigars blocked in the ports of Europe and nobody took care with selling them. Then, Cuba suggested to Davidoff to take up the torch. So, the Davidoff store in Geneva became the nerve center of the Cuban cigar in Europe; with every biggest personalities of the world who hurried up in the store. The symbiosis between Davidoff and Cuba is total during the war because this first one was the only agent of cigars from Havana to Europe. It is during this period that he has been awarded him the mondial recognition and the name of "Mister Cigar".


1946: After the Second World War, Davidoff suggested in the Cubans throwing(launching) a range of cigars under an innovative concept which was to associate names of Bordeaux wine regions and Havana cigars. Thus was born, under the cover of the factory Hoyo de Monterey in Havana, the serie of "Châteaux". From then, the Château Lafite, Château Latour, Château d'Yquem, Château Haut-Brion and Château Mouton-Rothschild became stamped cigars Davidoff. It is necessary to know that the serie "Château" was plainly made by Hoyo de Monterey and simply packaged under the label of the trader of tobacco of Geneva.

1968: Cuba suggested to Zino Davidoff to creat its own cigars instead of using products from Hoyo de Monterey. This great honor gave birth to Davidoff N°1 and N°2, as well as to the "Ambassadrice".

1970: association with Dr Ernst Schneider, boss of the company Oettinger, who allowed the world expand.

1976: Launch of the famous serie "Mille", including 5 modules made exclusively in Havana.

Davidoff 2000

1977: Creation of the wonderful module " Dom Perignon ", named so according to the famous champagne.
Creation, for 80 years of Zino, the unique serie " 80 Aniversario ".
The glory of Davidoff was interplanetary and the relations with the Cuban authorities set fair till the end of the 80s...


1988: Divorce from Cuba
All several stories are not the same when it is question to understand the brutal departure of Davidoff of the magic country of Cuba. As we take place on Geneva's side or the one of Havana, there are two different stories. On the side of Cuba, we cry out that it is the range of cigars Zino who is the trigger. Indeed, the range Zino was elaborated in Honduras and Cubans saw it as a sacrilege. This crime of lese-majesty is punished for a definitive divorce. For Zino Davidoff it would be the quality which was decreasing in Cuba, causing the research for the other countries convenient to the production of quality tobacco. Without knowing the absolute truth, we can simply observe that Davidoff left definitively Cuba.
It is in Dominican Republic that Zino produced the tobacco which was going to establish its cigars. Since the "Mister Cigar"'s arrival on the Dominican country, the progress was absolute. The cigars of Dominican Republic quality rose in power until arriving at interesting products at prices more competitive than those of Havana. However, Cuba remains the reference country of the cigar in spite of the efforts of Zino Davidoff to pull upward the quality of the Dominican production of tobacco.
Nowadays, Davidoff cigars are still elaborated in Dominican Republic.

1991: Revival of the Davidoff brand through production in Dominican Republic.

1994: Death of Zino Davidoff on January 14th at the age of 87.

2006: To celebrate the Zino's 100th birthday, the brand launched the limited serie "Davidoff Diademas".

"A cigar ought not to be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes, and with the spirit." Zino Davidoff