About the Club



Le Moka Cigar Club is a club of cigar connoisseurs and experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with others. This is the place to learn about cigars, its smell, its touch and its spirit.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the best brands available thanks to their evaluation from the club's best connoisseurs. We'll also teach you how to handle and store them. Popular cigar accessories will be introduced to you as well.

And as Zino Davidoff said "A cigar ought not to be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes and with the spirit".

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Our History


Le Moka Cigar Club is founded and get based in Paris.


Le Moka Cigar Club sets up in London.


Le Moka Cigar Club reaches more than 10k followers on Instagram.


Le Moka Cigar Club launches its online store.

Our upcoming events

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Le Moka Cigar Club is primarily about people...

Advantages for members

Discounts on the store.

Enjoy unbeatable discounts on the store. We provide the best selection of cigars composed of limited and regional editions.

Free invitations to our monthly meetings.

Attend our monthly meetings in London and/or Paris. The best cigars are the ones that are shared.

Sample of 2 cigars per month.

Members of the club have the privilege to receive two cigars each month. These latter are carefully selected by the club.